Southland Holdings is one of the largest specialty infrastructure construction firms in North America. The diverse, yet complementary offerings of our subsidiaries provide stability and the opportunity to share knowledge, skills, and resources across the entire company.

Our highly-complex infrastructure projects range from water conveyance system and tunnels to long-span bridges and vertical structures. The markets that we serve include the following:

Bridges & Transportation

Bridge & highway building excellence has always been at the core of our culture, focus, and activity.


A force in the tunneling industry, Southland Holdings has built projects that span more than 5,000 miles across the globe.


Southland Holdings has specialized in civil works for near-shore marine facilities since our first construction contract for a port facility in the 1990’s.

Water Resources

Known for innovation in the movement of water and wastewater, Southland Holding is a national leader in the construction of water resources.


Southland Holdings has a long history of tackling challenging and unique steel erection projects, often requiring unprecedented techniques.

Featured Projects

Explore Southland Holdings’ portfolio of featured projects.