Delaware Memorial Bridge

The Delaware Memorial Bridge (DMB) consists of twin-span suspension bridges that are 3,650′ long with 2,150′ main spans. In 1951, AB completed fabrication and erection of the superstructure and cables for the first span, and in 1969 completed the second span. While both spans are very similar, they have elements that differ. The original span was constructed of riveted steel plates with an open-grate shoulder access walk while the second span was constructed of mostly welded steel plates with concrete access walks.

Upon completion, it became the second-longest twin span suspension bridge in the world. The entire bridge and approaches total over two miles in length and consist of 65,279,000 pounds of steel, including 12,000 miles of cable wire, and 417′ tall towers. The bridge, which crosses the Delaware River, serves as a vital link between Delaware and New Jersey.

Project Details

  • Owner: Delaware River & Bay Authority
  • Location: New Castle, Delaware
  • Completion Date: December 1951
  • Structure Type: Suspension Bridge