Water Resources

Known for innovation in the movement of water and wastewater, Southland Holding is a national leader in the construction of water resources.

Southland Holdings delivers water pipeline and facilities projects across North America. As reliable water supply systems become increasingly critical, our wide range of self-performance capabilities help clients deliver essential projects that sustain communities, industries, and infrastructure.

Our team has a nationwide presence and serves the water/wastewater conveyance and treatment construction markets. With over four million linear feet of pipeline installed, we are well-known for safety, value engineering, and performance.


Known for innovation in the movement of water and wastewater, Southland Holdings has laid a record-breaking amount of water/sewer line and tunnels throughout the United States over the past 10 years. Large diameter transmission, cross-county, mid-stream. We have installed up to 168” diameter transmission open-cut pipelines and created some of the deepest and largest H20 tunnels with the most experienced and skilled crews in the industry.


Southland Holdings enjoys a North American presence constructing pump stations, water and wastewater treatment facilities, and water storage. Recognized as one of the largest, most complicated sewage treatment upgrade projects in North America, our team is constructing Winnipeg’s North End Sewage Treatment Plant project. The NEWPCC is a critical upgrade that will enable efficient wastewater treatment capabilities to meet the needs of a growing population in Winnipeg and surrounding communities.

Levees, DAMS, Cofferdams and Dewatering

Southland Holdings possesses the expertise to solve the most complicated water flow, retention, and dewatering issues.

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