SOUTHLAND HOLDINGS has specialized in civil works for near-shore marine facilities since our first construction contract for a port facility in the 1990’s.

Southland Holdings has undertaken major marine construction projects including passenger, bulk freight, and container ship terminals, marina developments, marine foundations of all types, sub-aqueous pipelines, intakes, outfalls, dams, and hydrological structures.

We are specialists in pile driving, pier and wharf construction, cofferdams, drilled shaft installation, steel sheetpile structures, and tieback systems.

From barges and temporary work trestles to heavy crane picks and complex maneuvers, out team tackles signature bridge and marine-based projects. Our subsidiary Johnson Bros. was the first contractor in the United States to use the incremental launching technique to deliver the Belleair Beach Causeway Bridge and continues to pioneer innovative construction solutions for its clients.

From the Atlantic Coast to the warm waters of the Caribbean and south to Central and South America, our team has completed dozens of significant marine facilities for both public and private clients.

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