Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

Upon completion, the IPS pumping capacity of 335 MGD is the largest deepest-capacity based Vertical Turbine Solids Handling (VTSH) pumps installed in the United States. This technically challenging project showcased a variety of our well rounded team’s attributes, which include; deep excavation and shoring (over 80 ft deep excavation) dewatering, large diameter pipe installation, structural concrete, mass concrete placement (12 ft. thick walls,10 ft. thick slab), multi contract coordination, mechanical and process piping, equipment installation, coordination with existing plant and operations team and value engineering.

Specific work at the Central Plant in Dallas consisted of installation of 6 VTSH Pumps (2 EA – 43,000 gpm, 4 EA – 34,500 gpm) with 6 EA motors at 1,000 and 800 HP capacity. Installation of 72” and 90” steel yard piping, 48” RCP, sluice gates and slide gates. Construction of coarse screening facilities, washing presses, solid waste disposal system, electrical building with associated electrical, VFD and SCADA.

Additional work required demolition of trickling filter battery B, rehabilitation of 12 existing trickling filters, influent tie-in structure, effluent tie-ins, reuse pump station modifications, and blower modifications. Removal and replacement of existing combined berm, improvements to basin floor slabs and installation of 66” forcemain and 104” Hobas outfall pipe, both requiring an engineer designed shoring system.

Our team batched, delivered and placed over 25,000 cy of concrete on this project. We’ve enjoyed a long standing working relationship with the owner, inspectors and engineers, and were able to use those working relationship to overcome system related obstacles and weather conditions to achieve ultimate project success.


  • Owner: City of Dallas
  • SOUTHLAND HOLDINGS TEAM: Oscar Renda Contracting