Mill Creek Tunnel, Contract 2

Cleveland, OH

This project included the excavation of 13,200 lf of 23-ft, 8-in diameter tunnel for a sanitary sewer through shale and 2,015 lf of 10-ft diameter exploratory tunnel through shale including shaft...

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Mill Creek Tunnel, Contract 3

Cleveland, OH

This project included the excavation of 14,775 lf of 23-ft, 8-in diameter tunnel for a sanitary sewer through shale and 470 lf of 10-ft diameter tunnel through shale including shaft excavations...

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No Business Creek Tunnel and Lift Station

Atlanta, GA

This project consisted of 5 shafts, approximately 16,000 lineal feet of tunnel, a 10 MGD pump station and 2 odor control facilities.

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Eastside Water Supply Raw Water Intake Tunnel

Rochester, NY

This project provides critical redundancy to the Rochester, New York community’s main supply of fresh water by providing a second major source of Lake Ontario water for the system.

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Liberty University Vehicular Tunnel

Lynchburg, VA

This project was recognized as one of the best projects of the year by ENR Mid-Atlantic in 2015. Our crews successfully completed construction of a vehicular tunnel project at Liberty University...

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Lake Mead – Intake No. 3 Connector Tunnel

Las Vegas, NV

This project, located near the Hoover Dam, consisted of a deep water intake, a pumping station, and a large diameter water supply tunnel between the intake shaft and pumping station. The...

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Mill Creek Tunnel, Contract 1

The Mill Creek tunnel is a subway-sized underground pipe meant to capture and hold sewage and stormwater until it can be treated. The tunnel prevents sewer overflows in the...

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Corbalis to Fox Mill 54″ Water Main

Fairfax, VA

This project included furnishing and installation of approximately 12,000 LF of 54-inch watermain by shafts and tunnel method. Installation of associated valves...

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Schoharie Reservoir Low Level Outlet

Town of Gilboa, NY

Located in the Catskills region of Upstate New York State, the Schoharie Reservoir and tunnel will provide a significant portion of daily water to New York City. The reservoir was created...

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North MacGregor Storm Sewer Relief Tunnel

Houston, TX

The tunnel was located beneath the main thoroughfare leading to the main hospitals in downtown Houston on North Macgregor Drive...

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Hanlan Feedermain & Mississauga City Center Water Main Contract No. 3

Ontario, Canada

The Hanlan Feedermain and Mississauga City Centre Watermain is the largest and most extensive infrastructure project completed by the Region of Peel. Population growth in both Hanlan and Mississauga necessitated the...

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Kaneohe/Kailua Sewer Tunnel Project

Honolulu, Hawaii

During periods of heavy rain, the City and County of Honolulu can experience overflows and spills at its Kaneohe Waste Water Pre-Treatment Facility. The solution is to connect the Kaneohe facility...

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Bi-County Water Tunnel

Laurel, Maryland

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission needed to transmit clean drinking water from the Potomac Water Filtration Plant to Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. With only three shafts to serve a length...

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New Irvington Tunnel

Sunol, California

When San Francisco needed to replace the entire area’s critical clean water supply, built in 1932, to meet new earthquake-resistance standards, they turned to...

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