Denver International Airport Pond Expansion

This unique project addresses Denver International Airport’s (DEN) most significant environmental risk, the discharge of aircraft deicing fluid to receiving waters. Southland Contracting (SCI) is constructing critically needed DIW infrastructure to allow the airport and their airline partners to continue operating during winter weather in compliance with environmental regulations. The new construction will provide volume for the current DIW storage deficit, and the ongoing 39-gate Concourse Expansion Program. Additionally, this project provides for future Deice Pads Delta Sierra (DS) West, DS East Deice Pads Delta (D), and apron expansion DIW runoff and collection storage.

The overall purpose of this $69.9 million project is to replace the existing DIW Pond 002. The tunnel scope of work consists of six bores totaling 5,179 linear feet. Each drive varies by length and diameter to accommodate the active runway, taxiways, and maintenance roads they cross.

Additional scopes of work include:

  • Four (4) 5.4-million-gallon pond cells (total of 21.6 MG of storage) located on the West Airfield
  • 4,400 linear feet of 72-in & 90-in FRP pipe to interconnect between existing Pond 002 and proposed Pond 002R
  • Diversion structures with gate valves
  • Pump Station with 4 pumps
  • 1-million-gallon DIW storage tank
  • 14” DIW force main to move collected DIW waters to the WADS Ponds or Lift Station No. 1 sanitary sewer system
  • Control facilities, along with needed infrastructure

Project Details

  • Owner: City & County of Denver | Denver International Airport
  • SOUTHLAND HOLDINGS TEAM: Southland Contracting