Lewis & Clark Bridge: US 85 over Missouri River

OWNER: North Dakota Department of Transportation

ENGINEER: KLJ Engineering

SOUTHLAND HOLDINGS TEAM : Johnson Bros. Corporation


We were selected to construct the largest individual infrastructure project in state history.  The $66.3M contract was awarded by the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) to replace the existing two lane functionally obsolete and structurally deficient Missouri River Bridge at US Highway 85 near Williston, North Dakota.

The scope of work included a six span, continuous deck unit, approximately 1,522 ft. long by nearly 85 ft. wide, four lane, high level structure accessed during construction by a temporary work trestle supporting 300 ton crawler cranes.  The project also included a wildlife relief bridge, nearly five miles of associated roadway widening and removal of the existing bridge structure.

Dedicated to environmental stewardship and in order to protect the endangered species of fish in the Missouri River, we worked through the winter, nights, weekends and holidays to install isolation coffer dams prior to the spawning season.  Once the steel sheet pile coffer cells were driven, work inside the enclosure of the coffer dam was performed without adversely affecting the Pallid Sturgeon. During construction, five cranes were used to drive over 13,000 ft. of trestle pipe piling, coffer dam temporary steel sheet pile in excess of 20,000 ft., nearly 33,000 ft. of permanent foundation steel H-pile, more than 1,000 tons of reinforcing steel, 12,000 cy of structural concrete and erection of nearly 6,000 tons of structural steel girders and cross member diaphragms.