Lake Jesup Causeway Bridge

OWNER: Florida Department of Transportation

ENGINEER: Wilbur Smith and Associates

SOUTHLAND HOLDINGS TEAM: Johnson Bros. Corporation, A Southland Company 


This award-winning bridge was ranked #6 of the year by “Roads and Bridges Magazine.”

District 5 of the Florida Department of Transportation looked to us to design and build the SR 46 roadway and bridge replacement, to both replace the aging bridge and improve the flow of the St. Johns River into and out of the lake, a demanding project for both the environmental sensitivity of building over Seminole County’s Lake Jesup and the road’s busy traffic. The existing causeway had to be removed with special care in handling and recycling the material.

A fast-track construction technique was approved by all governing bodies that involved building the new bridge on a platform parallel to the existing causeway. Not only did it save cost and time, it put lake restoration measures in place sooner. It also allowed all lanes of traffic to remain open at normal speeds on the former bridge until they were redirected. The 3,740 ft. bridge was constructed with 37 spans, 24-inch prestressed concrete piles, cast-in-place (CIP) concrete substructures/bent caps, Type IV AASHTO prestressed concrete girders with CIP bridge deck and diaphragms, and mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) and steel sheet pile retaining walls.