Kentucky Lock Downstream Cofferdam Project

OWNER: USACE – Nashville District

ENGINEER: Corps of Engineers

SOUTHLAND HOLDINGS TEAM: Johnson Bros. Corporation


Kentucky Lock Downstream Cofferdam Project consists of construction activities for excavation of the navigation lock chamber at the Kentucky Lock and Dam.  The project area is located on the Tennessee River at river mile 22.2 near Grand River, KY. The new 1,200 foot by 110-foot lock is to be excavated landward of the existing lock. Excavation of approximately 1.03 million cubic yards of soil and rock; installation of 95 large diameter strand anchors to stabilize the downstream cofferdam walls and the existing lock’s land wall; construction of a  3,800 square foot maintenance building for lock operations; demolition of three abandoned bridges and modifications to a fourth abandoned bridge; approximately 75,000 cubic feet of grouting of lock wall and downstream cofferdam walls; installation of instruments on downstream cofferdam and sections of existing lock land wall; and relocation of approximately 5,000 linear feet of 8” diameter ductile iron water main. The 483-foot of cofferdam is concrete and ties into permanent lock monolith wall and remaining cofferdam is temporary containing sheet pile, aggregate, and concrete. Challenges: low lying high voltage power lines over work zone, shallow water w/ environmental concerns (mussels), and tight work zone immediately adjacent to active navigator traffic (industry & recreation boats).