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The DFW area has been on a long stretch of steady population growth for more than 20 years, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The 16-county region making up North Texas was expected to increase from 6.5 million to more than 9 million residents by 2023.

In the last 15 years, multiple Fortune 500 Companies have moved headquarters to the DFW area. Around 1000 people arrive in North Texas daily in search of jobs, affordable housing, and countless other opportunities the area has to offer. As the population continues to rise, so does the demand for water. For more than 45 years, Southland Holdings has been a part of the solution, providing more than one million feet of water pipeline across Texas.

“We are proud to be part of providing residents of Texas the critical infrastructure needed to get through day-to-day life” – Rudy Renda

The IPL Partners, a joint venture between Southland companies Oscar Renda Contracting (ORC) and Southland Contracting (SCI) and Johnson Brothers (JBC), was involved in constructing portions of one of the largest water infrastructure projects in North Texas for the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) and Dallas Water Utilities (DWU).

The $2.3 Billion Integrated Pipeline project consists of 150-mile pipeline, which has been split into various smaller sections, and has helped meet water demands in rapidly growing Tarrant, Dallas, and surrounding counties. The pipeline extends from Lake Palestine in East Texas to Lake Benbrook just south of Fort Worth. Southland was awarded four of the sections for the project.

IPL 19

IPL partners were awarded IPL 19 in the Summer of 2020. The project consisted of 37,120-linear-feet of 84-in water line including 14,672-linear-feet in tunnels and is projected to be completed in 2024.

IPL 17

The IPL Section 17 consisted of 3,802-linear-feet of 108-inch water line, including 2,614-linear-feet of tunnel under the Trinity River and the remainder in deep open-cut segments along the alignment of Section 17. The project reached a major milestone in February 2020 when Trinity, the 16-ft Robbins TBM, made its hole through. Workers then added 50-foot sections of 108-inch diameter steel pipe into the tunnel. This section of the project was completed in 2022.

IPL 10-11

IPL 10-11 in Mansfield was the company’s second section and was completed in 2018. The project involved the installation of 66,847-linear-feet of 84-inch welded steel water line by a combination of open-cut and tunneling methods. Work also included the installation of valves and related appurtenances, installation of cathodic protection system and various site, civil and roadway improvements, installation of an 84-in owner provided butterfly valve and related structures.

IPL 15-1

ORC started this portion of IPL 15-1 in 2014. The project is in Navarro County and more than 15-miles of 108-inch diameter raw water pipeline, spans more than 70 private parcels and includes 15 stream crossings, 15 road crossings, and one railroad crossing. The project was divided into three sections alphabetically. ORC’s portion was segment B and consisted of 25,479-linear-feet of 108-inch waterline by a combination of open-cut and tunneling methods. ORC’s portion was completed in 2015 and eight months ahead of segments A and C.