50 Years of ORC Employee Spotlight – Rod Fisher

50 Years of ORC Employee Spotlight – Rod Fisher 683 1024 Southland Holdings

Rod Fisher’s journey in the construction industry spans an impressive 47 years, marked by dedication, hard work, and a passion ignited during his middle school days. His introduction to Oscar Renda in 1972, as a coach and history teacher, laid the foundation for a lifelong connection. After an initial separation following Fisher’s 8th-grade triumph in football, fate brought them back together when Rod sought employment years later. Renda, now heading Oscar Renda Contracting, welcomed him with open arms, promising to teach him the ropes.

Joining Oscar Renda Contracting on August 15, 1975, as a green but eager learner, Fisher started as a laborer, emphasizing the importance of every role in the construction process. Evenings were spent honing his skills on equipment, and his diligence quickly earned him a promotion to his “dream job” – an equipment operator. Rod recognized early on that hard work opened doors, and the company offered ample opportunities for those willing to prove themselves.

“I showed up and was green as grass, but was eager to learn,” he said. “I saw some equipment there and right then I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

Promotions followed as Rod demonstrated loyalty and took on challenging projects. In 1983, he stepped into his first managerial role as a Foreman in Odessa, Texas, learning invaluable lessons about teamwork and working with project owners. The company’s growth paralleled Rod’s ascent, and in 2000, he was entrusted with his first project as a Superintendent. Managing the SAWS Dos Rios to Salado Project showcased the leadership’s genuine concern for employee growth.

In 2008, a pivotal moment arrived when Rod managed a significant pipeline project in California. Subsequent involvement in a major tunnel project in Northern California demonstrated the company’s diversity, with Rod relishing the experience. Over the years, he’s been part of over 40 projects, taking him from coast to coast and currently finding himself engaged in a project in New Orleans. Rod Fisher’s story is one of dedication, growth, and a testament to the opportunities that unfold when hard work meets passion.