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CHINCOTEAGUE — The new bridge under construction at Chincoteague is on schedule for a January opening.

Thomas A. Rakowski of the Virginia Department of Transportation told the Chincoteague Town Council recently that despite early delays and adverse weather conditions the past month, American Bridge — the bridge’s main contractor — has been making progress.

“We are on line to open the bridge to traffic in mid- to late January,” Rakowski said.

Rakowski said the one-way entrance into Chincoteague would remain in effect for 30 to 45 days.

“The main line deck is ready for grooving,” he said.

Construction on the exterior of the control building is almost complete, awaiting an anti-graffiti sealant.

Some have expressed concern regarding the bridge spur that connects Marsh Island with the main bridge. Rakowski said there are no plans to put a traffic light on the entrance to the spur. He said there would only be some lights at the entrance for better visibility at night.

Once the main bridge is open, the contractor will turn his attention to the Wire Narrows bridge, which would be demolished after the new main bridge opens. People living on Marsh Island would have to use the old drawbridge until the spur is complete.

Rakowski said it would take about five months to complete work on the spur road to Marsh Island.

By Garrrett Marritt