American Bridge Tampa District Wins Multiple Contracts Early in 2012

American Bridge Tampa District Wins Multiple Contracts Early in 2012 150 150 Southland Holdings

Pittsburgh, PA –With four contracts awarded in March and April, the American Bridge Tampa District has already exceeded its 2012 targets. The Florida projects include the Courtney Campbell Trail Design/Build State Route 60 in Tampa, Tom’s Harbour Channel Bridge Replacement in Duck Key, Golden Beach Bridge Replacements in the town of Golden Beach and the Port Manatee Berth 12 Wharf Extension and Container Terminal in Palmetto. Mark Bell is Vice President of the district; he states, “We are excited to start the new projects, each of which has their own set of complexities. For example, the only access to Duck Key is Tom’s Harbor Channel Bridge, which is required to remain open at all times during the rebuild. The bridge deck will be removed and replaced while maintaining traffic utilizing one lane with 24 hour traffic control. The Golden Beach site requires rebuilding two 100’ bridges from barges while maintaining traffic as well. The plan is very similar to the Tom’s Harbor Channel Bridge, shifting traffic and utilizing one lane with traffic control. In addition to maintaining traffic the project is located within a residential area with zero land-based lay down area for stored materials. All of the materials required to build the bridge must be delivered and stored on the barge deck during construction of the new bridges. I am fully confident in my staff’s marine exposure and logistics experience – 2012 should prove to be a great year.”

Specific details of the new projects are as follows:

The Courtney Campbell Trail Design/Build State Route 60 project consists of the design and construction of a 3,200LF, 29-span, pedestrian bridge supported on pre-cast piling and utilizing pre-cast/pre-stress concrete beams. The bridge crosses Old Tampa Bay adjacent to the existing State Route 60 vehicular bridge. The scope also includes 1,400LF of sheet pile wall and reconstruction of 3.2 miles of a paved multi-use vehicular and pedestrian trail leading up to the new bridge. Contract value: $14,632,000; construction will start in August 2012 and completion is anticipated before the end of 2013.

The Tom’s Harbour Channel Bridge Replacement project involves the fabrication and erection of a new concrete deck, sidewalk and traffic railing for the bridge. The scope includes demolition and removal of the existing bridge superstructure. Additionally, extensive repairs to the substructure will be performed. The bridge is 250′ long, 35′ wide and consists of five spans. Contract value: $1, 829,137; construction has already started and completion is expected before the end of 2012.

The Golden Beach Bridge Replacements project involves the complete removal and replacement of two bridges and associated abutments. The scope also includes installment of a new sewer, ornamental lighting, soil improvements at the abutments, sub-base, paving and landscaping at the approaches. The bridges both span 100’ founded on 42” drilled shafts, cast-in-place pile caps, precast deck panels, cast-in-place decks and steel sheet pile abutments. Contract value: $7,207,431; start of construction will be June 2012 and completion is anticipated in August of 2013.

The Port Manatee Berth 12 Wharf Extension and Container Terminal project involves an extension at end of the existing Berth 12 (previously built by AB) with a new 590’ long deep water steel combination-wall bulkhead with associated concrete cap, moorings and fenders. The waterfront work also includes dredging, rip-rap shore protection. On the land side the scope includes development of 10 acres of paved container storage area, including drainage structures, high mast lighting, water and force mains as well as fencing and other ancillary improvements. Contract value: $13,750,487; construction start date is May 2012 and work is scheduled to complete in July of 2013.