Our History


What began as a regional Texas water/wastewater pipeline construction contractor has grown into one of the largest construction companies in North America. Throughout Southland Holdings‘ history, we have built roads that connect our Nation, constructed pipelines to carry water across vast regions, and bored tunnels through some of the world’s most challenging geology. We build great things that shape our landscape and create solutions for future generations. We do this with integrity, never compromising our ethics and putting the safety and wellbeing of our employees and owner partners first.

Today, Southland Holdings LLC., based in Grapevine, Texas, is the parent company of Johnson Bros. Corporation, American Bridge Company, Oscar Renda Contracting, Southland Contracting, Mole Constructors, and Heritage Materials. With the combined capabilities of these six subsidiaries, Southland has become one of the largest and most diversified industry leaders within infrastructure construction space. Our groups serve the transportation, tunneling, heavy civil, bridges and structures, water treatment facilities and conveyance, alternate delivery, and engineering markets. With the addition of American Bridge, Southland Holdings continues as a family-owned organization with experience in 60 countries, with approximate annual revenues of $1.5B and $8.4B under contract.

The Southland Holdings family of companies are innovators in construction technology, bringing solutions to challenging construction projects worldwide. With six specialty companies, Southland Holdings provides the unique solutions needed in today’s complex construction environment.

Today, Southland Holdings is managed by people who don’t just have our companies on their resume, but in their blood. The next generation of several of our founders builds on their success and provides unwavering clarity and continuity of purpose.