Our History


The history of Southland Holdings is one of powerful companies joining together to create a multi-faceted force in construction. While they began in different places and at different times, as early as 1930, our component companies have always been noted for working harder and working smarter. while upholding a reputation for integrity and resourcefulness.

Today, Southland Holdings is managed by people who don’t just have our companies on their resume, but in their blood. The next generation of several of our founders builds on their success and provides unwavering clarity and continuity of purpose.

We are active in 42 U.S. states and two provinces in Canada, and have completed projects in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. We have successfully executed more than $9 billion dollars of work, growing to more than 2,000 dedicated full-time employees.




Johnson Bros. Corporation established

Walter Johnson and his six sons start a road construction company in Todd County, Minnesota.


Mole Constructors, Inc. established

Mole Constructors, Inc. is founded in Ohio by Victor Scaravilli, a partnership that brings together the strengths of three leading companies: M&S Investors, L.W. Relyea Construction Company, and Wrightco, Inc

Oscar Renda Contracting, Inc. established

Oscar Renda starts his construction company in Fort Worth, Texas, and brother Rudy joins a few years later. Today, their sons – Frank and Rudy, Jr. respectively – still manage the company and also provide executive leadership for Southland Holdings.


Southland Contracting, Inc. established

Charlie Griffith founds Southland and is soon joined by his son Clay, who is still with the company. The company is both a tunneling contractor and a manufacturer of tunnel-boring machines.


Oscar Renda Contracting, Inc. transitions to second generation

Frank and Rudy Jr., along with long-term friend and Renda employee Tim Winn, begin working with Oscar Renda Contracting, Inc.


Southland Holdings, LLC acquires Southland Contracting, Inc.

Southland Holdings, LLC, a new entity created to organize and combine the efforts of all the component companies, officially acquires its namesake.


Southland Holdings enters west coast market

Southland Holdings establishes Renda Pacific, establishing west coast offices in Las Vegas, NV.


Southland Holdings, LLC acquires Mole Constructors, Inc and Johnson Bros Corporation.  Oscar Renda Contracting, Inc. of Canada established, Southland Mole of Canada, LTD. established

All the companies are brought under the umbrella of Southland Holdings, LLC, and new entities are created for additional projects in Canada, as Southland Holdings continues its nearly nine decades of growth.