TECO Flume Reconstruction

OWNER: Tampa Electric Company

ENGINEER: H.W. Lochner

SOUTHLAND HOLDINGS TEAM: Johnson Bros. Corporation, A Southland Company


We were the choice for design/build services for the reconstruction of Tampa Electric Company’s facility for discharging non-contact water cooling for the heating coils at the power plant. Water is pumped from Tampa Bay and poured over the external fins for cooling purposes, and then returned to the bay by way of two mixing chambers and flumes. It was necessary that portions of this work be scheduled at off-hours, during plant outages. The potential impact on nearby manatees made it very environmentally challenging.

Installation of a new warm-water discharge structure was completed while the daily operations and integrity of the existing 50+ year old structure were maintained. Once the new facility was complete and operational, the old facility was demolished.

All activities were completed while the TECO facility remained at full operational capacity.