108-Inch Water Transmission Line Lake Fork to Lake Tawakoni Program

OWNER: City of Dallas


SOUTHLAND HOLDINGS TEAM: Oscar Renda Contracting Inc. 


We have successfully contracted with the City of Dallas since the 1970’s. This project consisted of 71,000 LF of 108” -168” pre-stressed concrete pipe and steel water line.  An additional 8,760 LF of 72” – 96” pipe was installed to fully integrate the interconnect structure.

The interconnect is a 250’ x 35’ x 80’ structure including bends, fittings, mechanical piping, valves and appurtenances.  The interconnect was constructed at a depth of 35.5 ft. below grade.  The structure consisted of approximately 13,000 cy of concrete, of which, 6,400 cy were placed in the 5’ thick slab.  The interconnect houses some of the largest butterfly valves ever installed in a municipal water system.  Two 168” (weighing 60 tons each), three 144”, and one 108” butterfly valves and associated piping were installed. The work was completed within environmentally sensitive areas that included river crossings.  This program was considered a significant success by the City of Dallas.