Hanlan Feedermain & Mississauga City Center Water Main Contract No. 3

OWNER: Region of Peel


SOUTHLAND HOLDNGS TEAM: Southland/Mole of Canada & Oscar Renda Contracting of Canada


The Hanlan Feedermain and Mississauga City Centre Watermain is the largest and most extensive infrastructure project completed by the Region of Peel. Population growth in both Hanlan and Mississauga necessitated the project to meet present and future water demands. The new Hanlan Feedermain provides backup when the existing feedermain is temporarily closed for inspection or repair.

Contract 3 of the project required an open-cut portion performed in heavily urbanized and industrial areas. The tunnels cross below ten bridge structures and key interchanges. Part of the tunnel passes through the Georgian Bay formation – dark-grey-colored weak to medium-strong laminated shale interbedded with light grey, strong to very-strong limestone, sandstone and siltstone layers. It presents very hard rock ranging from 12,000 to 30,000 psi in compressive tests. High groundwater was encountered up to 100 gpm.

We installed sewer main and water main lines, both by open-cut and tunneling methods which required three different TBMs, along with small-diameter local distribution works. Several deep shafts were required, including three secant pile shafts approximately 156 ft. deep and 43 ft. in diameter, and another keyhole shaft measuring 86 ft. deep by 43 ft. in diameter.

This $265-million Contract 3 is projected to be complete in 2017 and will include approximately 18,044 LF of 96-inch sewermain, 19,685 LF of 60-inch watermain, and 11,500 LF of 12- to 16-inch local distribution mains.