Eastside Water Treatment Plant Expansion Program

OWNER: City of Dallas

ENGINEER: AECOM, CP&Y, Black & Veatch


SOUTHLAND HOLDINGS TEAM: Oscar Renda Contracting Inc. 


We were selected by the City of Dallas to make improvements to their water treatment plant in Sunnyvale, a Dallas suburb. Providing over 90 million gallons of water per day to Dallas, Eastside Plant is a vital part of the city’s fresh water supply.

Components of the $240 million plus program consisted of: clearwells, deep concrete flumes, return and supply junction structures. The concrete flumes range in size from 10’x10’ to 12’x12’ inside dimensions and are constructed at up to 45 ft. total depth.  Utilization of steel H-piles and plate and timber for temporary restraining system.  The four (4) 15.625 MG clearwells are constructed of wire-wound pre-stressed concrete tanks.  These storage tanks are some of the largest tanks constructed by this method in the world.

The junction structures are equipped with slide gates for flow control and are constructed in 48’-6” walls.  Installation of two parallel 72” – 120” discharge pipe and 96” filter pipe using trench boxes where applicable.  Installation of 3,300 LF of 96”-120” pccp.  Installation of storm drain piping and dewatering piping.  Construction of new forebay, primary rapid mix basins, new lime facilities, and new chemical buildings.  Modifications to chlorine feed system, ammonia feed system, and phosphate feed system. Demolition of carbon buildings no. 1 & 2. Construction of ferric sulfate facility and fluoride facility.  Modifications to the existing chemical building, existing forebay and distribution flumes and carbon dioxide facility.  Construction of control/ electrical duct banks, control panels, SCADA facilities and programming. Over 1 million cy of dirt was excavated and moved.  More than 200,000 cy of concrete was batched and placed on this program.