Eagle Mountain Water Treatment Plant Expansion

OWNER: City of Fort Worth


SOUTHLAND HOLDINGS TEAM: Oscar Renda Contracting Inc.


This project consisted of expansion of existing 70 MGD by 35 MGD to 105 MGD Water Treatment Plant.  The project included a new Headworks facility to include raw water flow control vault for existing raw water pipeline, raw water flow meter and valve vault and raw water screen structure. Construction of new Ozone Contact Basins and facilities including, two new contact basin structures, common contact basin gallery with piping valves and instruments, new Ozone Off-gas Destruct units.  Construction of new Liquid Oxygen (LOX) storage facility including relocation of two existing 15,000 gallon LOX storage tanks, installation of two new 15,000 gallon LOX storage tanks, three new vaporizers all associated stainless piping, valves and instruments. Modifications to existing Ozone Generator Building and Contact Basins including demolition of existing cooling water system, demolition of two existing off-gas destruct units and installation of new off-gas destruct units.  Addition of one new ozone generator and power supply unit. HVAC and cooling water improvements associated piping, valves and instruments. Replacement of existing ozone diffusers with new diffusers in the existing Contact Basins.

Construction of new 35-MGD treatment structure including two rapid mix basins, eight 3-stage flocculation basins, three sedimentation basins, six gravity media filters with piping, valves, backwash pumps and backwash blowers.  Construction of new 85 ft. diameter washwater recovery tank and two recycle pumps.  Construction of new Chemical Storage and Feed facilities including storage tanks, feed pumps and related appurtenances.  Construction of new Chlorine and Ammonia Building including relocation of two existing chlorine storage tanks and two existing ammonia storage tanks. Installation of new chlorine evaporators, chlorinators and ammoniators Installation of chlorine and ammonia scrubbers.

Construction of new high service pump station to include three 1250 HP (15 GPM) and two 200 HP (2100 GPM) vertical turbine pumps, installation of all piping valves and appurtenances. Construction of new meter vaults.  Construction of new control building and laboratory facility.  Construction of new Electrical building including all switch gears, drive units and HVAC.  Connections of new facilities to existing facilities include installation of new powdered activated carbon feed piping, connecting new chlorinators and ammoniators, new storm drain piping, parallel 72” steel waterline from Eagle Mountain Lake to treatment plant interconnecting with the existing 54” raw water pipelines and installation of all associated chemical and metering stations.  Construction of new west entrance to plant and security system upgrade.  Installation of new process instrumentation and control system and migration from existing control system.