Cove Lane Interchange & Improvements Route I-210

OWNER: Louisiana Department of Transportation

ENGINEER: Stantec Engineering

SOUTHLAND HOLDINGS TEAM:  Johnson Bros. Corporation


To support the construction of a new casino which is expecting to double the more than 2 million visitors that already visit the Lake Charles area, we were selected to construct the extension of Cove lane at grade under elevated I-210. This project includes one (150 LF) low level AASHTO girder bridge and one (200 LF) concrete and steel main 6 lanes elevated bridge.  

This project required clearing and grubbing, mass grading, 300,000 CY of embankment, 125,000 SF  of Keystone MSE walls, 275,000 LF of timber piling, 12,000 LF of concrete piling, 30,000 CY of concrete, 255,000 LF of wick drains, concrete and asphalt paving, demolition, signage, striping, lighting and landscaping.

This project has not only become a full service interchange reducing travel time for commuters in this area, but providing a vital access point for new an existing casinos.