COE West Return Levee Walls

OWNER: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

ENGINEER: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

SOUTHLAND HOLDINGS TEAM: Johnson Bros. Corporation, A Southland Company


We have successfully contracted with United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) since the 1960’s.  This Best Value-Construction project consisted of 3.2 miles of Post Katrina T Walls and demolition of existing T-Wall. 

Work on this contract consisted of excavation of a floating channel the length of the project, clearing and grubbing, installation of 460,000 SF of steel sheet piles, 615,000 LF of 14 x 89 steel H piles, cofferdams, Temporary Retaining Structures, 5,875 LF of 16″ prestressed concrete piling, reinforce steel, 127,000 CY cast-in-place concrete floodwalls, footings and misc. structures, structural steel, steel flood gates, stone Rip Rap placement, massive dewatering, painting, modification of existing pump stations and 72″ discharge piping, demolition of the existing wall and footings, establishment of turf,  landscaping of trees and bushes, asphalt roads and trails, landscaping of new wall area and pump station.

All of this work was performed for the entire 3.2 miles of the project.  At max conditions there were 252 crafts and tradesmen, 54 barges, 5 tug boats, 16 cranes, working in as many as 22 different fronts along the project site. Average pouring of 500 CY of concrete per day.   This project was completed ahead of schedule.