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Long Key Bridge Pier Replacement

This project consisted of replacement of severely deteriorated V-piers at the 12 expansion joints at the Long Key Bridge in Florida Keys. This bridge is 2.3 miles long, which is the...

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Sela 26 Widening of Florida Avenue Canal, Phase IV

New Orleans, LA

This project consists of construction of reinforced concrete flume and 5,024 LF box culverts, 9,700 LF of 54” water main; including 40,000 VF of timber, 55,000 CY of concrete, 310,000 VF...

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Waller Creek Tunnel Project Inlet Facility at Waterloo Park

Austin, TX

We have successfully contracted with the City of Austin since the 1980’s. The purpose of the Waterloo Park inlet facility is to divert flood flows into the tunnel and remove...

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Teco Rail Yard

Manatee County, FL

We installed 280,000 SF of steel sheetpile wall, 14,000 CY of structural concrete, over 450,000 CY of mass earthwork along with clearing and grubbing, fine grading, installation of railways sub-ballast...

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Reuse Pipeline & Diffuser to Lake Lanier

Buford, GA

This subaqueous project consisted of approximately 6,800 LF of 72” off-shore reuse steel pipeline, approximately 720 LF of diffuser varying in diameter from 36” to 72”. The pipe began in typical...

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COE West Return Levee Walls

New Orleans, Louisiana

Best Value-Construction of 3.2 miles of Post Katrina T Walls and demolition of existing T-Wall. Work on this contract consisted of excavation of a floating channel the length of the...

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Treasure Island Twin Bascule Bridge Replacement

City of Treasure Island, Florida

Treasure Island’s original causeway bascule bridge was built in 1939 and operated as a toll bridge for 76 years. It was badly in need of replacement, and Johnson Bros. Corporation was...

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